How Google Impacts These Top 7 Local Business Trends in 2011

In 2011, Local Businesses are about to begin a new period in how they conduct building and sustaining relationships with their customers. Until now, the Internet has largely been the marketing domain of large Corporations and Niche marketers. However, recent changes in search engine algorithms starting with Google are pushing the marketplace towards more relevant local search results. While this is only one influencing factor as to why 2011 will begin the new age of Internet marketing, it is perhaps the most necessary influence for everything we discuss in this article to matter. This article will touch on the top seven trends that we expect to impact the local marketplace over the course of this year and beyond as millions of small businesses actually begin the journey to begin conducting business on the Internet.Local Search Improvements-
Back in June 2010, Google announced changes in its algorithm to help promote improved search results for end users. In September, Google further enhanced their desired search results by introducing “Google Instant” which helps direct users to more defined results including those based on location such as “Restaurants in Los Angeles.” Later in December, Google made an unsolicited offer to acquire Groupon for roughly $6 Billion Dollars. While the reasons for Groupon’s Board of Directors not accepting Google’s offer are better suited for another article, let’s focus on the primary reasons why Google would make such an offer and more importantly why Groupon has recently announced that it now intends to raise $950 Million Dollars through a new private equity capital raise.Local Market Potential-
You probably know about the Fortune 500, 1000, 2000 or even the Inc 500 business lists. However, do you know about the significance of 27 million small businesses in the USA? Today, an estimated 55% of US small businesses have websites and most are nothing more than electronic business cards offering general information. However, as access to the internet via mobile solutions increases as discussed below combined with the efficiency of better local search results, the volume of daily searches will ultimately increase by 6-10 times what it is today in as little as 3-4 years. Furthermore, as more small businesses start to go online and/or upgrade their websites and other forms of internet presence such as articles, blogs, videos, social media and more, the internet will finally become an effective marketing tool for the nation’s 27 million small businesses to start conducting true Internet Marketing activities intended to drive traffic to their websites and convert site visitors into paying customers. The size and scope of the local market potential will dwarf what has been achieved to date and the volume of daily searches will also increase dramatically since small businesses and consumers will begin to be connected to the internet at all times through both mobile and fixed location access.Mobile Access & Smart Phones-
The first three generations of mobile cell phone service freed America and most of the world from having to be at a fixed location such as home or work in order to make a telephone call. As a result, today there are nearly 275 million cell phones and/or other mobile devices active in the USA compared to about 150 million land lines. The number of calls made from cell phones when compared to landline calls made by the average person is nearly six fold. However, when text messaging and internet access are factored in the numbers exceed 10 fold. While this is impressive, the daily per usage numbers are about to become substantially higher.The fourth generation of cell phone service called 4G just beginning to enter many US markets will offer internet access at speeds comparable to broadband. As a result, more small businesses will begin to use smart phones to access solutions that will help them to reach and/or support their customers, as well as manage their businesses. The reason is that more consumers will be on the internet using 4G mobile solutions. Within 3-4 years, it is possible that up to 90% of Americans will be accessing the internet via 4G mobile access as they renew their service contracts and upgrade their 3G phones for 4G phone service options. According to a recent study conducted by Forrester Research, just under half of all cell phone users currently have internet access via their cell phones, which with 3G is limited, but 4G will create ease of internet access comparable to computer internet connections now. The businesses that start developing Internet Marketing solutions in 2011 will be ahead of the curve and in position to dominate their local market niche(s) for years to come.e-Commerce Shopping-
Virtually everyone with internet access has contributed to some form of e-commerce shopping whether they have bought a book on Amazon, purchased an airline ticket, reserved a hotel room, bought or sold something on ebay or simply paid a credit card invoice or utility bill. The question is will e-commerce work for small businesses? The question has already been answered, which is why Google offered roughly $6 Billion for Groupon. Groupon’s business model is to pre-sell discounted products and services to consumer groups in behalf of mostly small local businesses that have no clue how to conduct business online. The result is that Groupon has rapidly expanded across the USA filling an obvious niche that the only thing missing on the internet is small local business. Moving forward, Groupon is probably a good short-term, but not a primary long-term solution for most small local businesses looking to reach their customers online. The best solution will be for the nation’s 27 million small businesses themselves to learn how to conduct business online and then invest in the tools and/or expertise that will help them achieve their objectives and that starts with developing e-Commerce solutions for their business.Social Media-
If you are still wondering if social media has any potential for small business owners consider this: Beginning with Facebook, there are over 500 million members. If Facebook were a country it would be the 3rd largest country in the world behind only China and India. Additionally, while most people believe that Yahoo or Bing is the number 2 search engine on the internet behind Google, the truth is that YouTube is number 2 and if Google’s recent predictions are correct, Video Advertising will soon represent 50% of all paid advertising online by 2015 and that makes YouTube an important social media marketing channel too. Of course there are other social media channels and each business will need to learn where their customers are, but if nothing else, Facebook, YouTube and maybe Twitter are good places to get started, if for no other reason than to just get started.Most importantly to small businesses, why will social media be so important to their Internet marketing efforts? The answer is that each business needs a reliable way to get the word out about their business and continue to reinforce all year long why potential new and existing customers should do business with them. The other benefit of social media is that businesses can reach out to their customers with promotions and other incentives and those customers can help spread the word to their friends, family, neighbors and work associates. As a result, small businesses need to think of social media as a form of word of mouth advertising for the 21st century.Cloud Computing-
What is cloud computing? Depending on whom you ask you’ll get responses ranging from a simple answer to something worthy of how someone might define how a search engine algorithm works. The short answer as it applies to a small business is that cloud computing allows them to store information somewhere other than having to download software and data onto their computer hard drive or more importantly going forward their cell phone or mobile device. This means that as more data is stored at remote locations combined with increased mobile internet access speeds comparable to broadband, millions of small businesses and end users will be able to receive information almost instantly that not long ago required the use of a computer hard drive and software to be able to open an application. With cloud computing anyone will be able to view this same information in secure environments via mobile devices almost as easily as switching from one channel to another on Cable TV. As a result, business and consumer groups will be able to be connected at all times 24/7 at home, work and play, just like we can all make cell phone calls from virtually any location today.Internet Marketing-
There is no single solution that will work for all small businesses when it comes to Internet Marketing. However, every small business has to begin somewhere. The first place to begin is to understand that the days of print advertising as the primary source of advertising are coming to an end. Print usage pertaining to everything from Newspapers to Yellow Pages is in serious permanent decline. They are being replaced by electronic solutions all of which are available on the Internet in one form or another. As a result, small businesses must adapt to these changes in order to remain competitive in 2011 and the years to come. This article is intended to create an awareness that the future for small mostly local businesses survival is to get started by developing an Internet Presence, learn how to generate traffic and then how to monetize that traffic successfully. Throughout 2011 LocalNet360 will discuss some of the ways small businesses can begin the journey from brick and mortar marketing and business solutions to ways to they can begin the transition to solutions that will increase and sustain the way they will do business for the rest of this decade and possibly beyond. Implementing several Internet based solutions over the next 12-24 months will be critical to the long term success for virtually every small and local business in America.Internet Marketing by LocalNet360© Copyright LocalNet360 All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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The History of 3D Technology

3D technology can be traced all the way back to the beginning of photography. In 1844 David Brewster invented the Stereoscope. It was a new invention that could take photographic images in 3D. Later, Louis Jules Duboscq took that invention and improved on it. Louis took a picture of Queen Victoria using the improved technology and displayed it at the Great Exhibition in 1851. This picture became very well known throughout the world. Steroscopic cameras started to catch on and became fairly common for personal use by World War II.In 1855 the Kinematascope, a stereo animation camera, was invented. It was able to create 3d motion pictures. In 1915 the first anaglyph movie was produced. Anaglyph technology used 3d glasses with 2 different color lenses that would direct an image to each eye. In 1890 William Friese-Greene, a British film pioneer, filed a patent for the 3D movie process. In 1922 the first public 3D movie, “The Power of Love”, was displayed. In 1935 the first 3D Color movie was produced. The use of the technology would remain dormant for over a decade.In the 1950s, 3D technology made a come back. During this era, TVs had become extremely popular and had started appearing in many households. In the 50s a number of 3D movies were being produced. In 1952 “Bwana Devil” by United Artists was shown across the United States. This was the first 3D movie of the 50s. The film was shot using a process called Natural Vision. This process was pitched to Hollywood studios but they all passed. A year later, in 1953, “House of Wax” was released in 3D. “Dial M for Murder” was originally planned to be released in 3D, but Alfred Hitchcock decided to release the movie in 2D to maximize profits. Not all movie theaters were equipped with the 3D technology. 3D films were also being developed outside of the United States. In 1947 The Soviet Union released their first full length 3D movie, “Robinson Crusoe”.In the 1960s a new technology called Space-Vision 3D was released. This technology took two images and printed them over each other on a single strip. Unlike previous 3D technologies, it required a single projector with a special lens. This new technology removed the need to use two cameras to display 3D movies. Two camera systems were difficult to use, because it required that the two cameras were perfectly synced. The first movie to use this technology was “The Bubble”. The movie was panned by critics, but the 3D experience still brought huge audiences. It became a profitable movie, making the new technology ready for promotion to other studios.In 1970, Allan Silliphant and Chris Condon developed Stereovision. This was a new 3D technology that put two images squeezed together side by side on a single strip of 35 mm film. This technology used a special anamorphic lens that would widen the picture using a series of polaroid filters. The first movie to be released in Stereovision was a softcore sex comedy called “The Stewardesses”. The movie cost only $100,000 USD to make and it earned an amazing $27 million in North America.In the early 1980s many movies were released in 3D using the same process as Space Vision. Some of the movies that were released were Amityville 3-D, Friday the 13th Part III, and Jaws 3-D. In the mid 1980s, IMAX began producing documentary films in 3D. IMAx’s 3D technology emphasized mathmatical correctness and this eliminated the eye fatigue that was seen in previous 3D technologies. In 1986, Canada had developed the first 3D movie that used polarized glasses. It was called “Echos of the Sun” and was created for Expo 86.During the 1990s, many films were released in IMAX 3D. The most successful IMAX 3D film released during this time was “Into the Deep”. The first IMAX 3D fiction film, “Wings of Courage” was released in 1996.During the 2000s, many big studio movies were released in 3D. In 2003, James Cameron released Ghosts of the Abyss. This was the first full length 3D IMAX feature film. This movie used the latest IMAX 3D technology called Reality Camera System. The technology used the latest HD video cameras and was developed by Vince Pace. This same technology was used in “Spy Kids 3D: Game over”, “Aliens of the Deep”, and “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D”. In 2004 the first full length animated 3D movie was released. It was called “The Polar Express”. This movie was so successful in 3D that it prompted a great interest in 3D animated films. The 3D version of the film earned 14x as much per screen as the 2D version. In 2005, The Mann’s Chinese 6 theater in Hollywood became the first commercial movie theater to have the Digital 3D technology. In 2007 Scar 3D was released internationally and it was the first film to be filmed using a completely digital workflow.In 2010 Sky UK made a big push towards 3D television. On January 1st, the first 3D channel began broadcasting in South Korea. The channel displays educational shows, animated shows, sporting events, documentaries and musical performances all in 3D, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.We should expect that the use of 3D technology will continue and expand in to the normal household. Most major electronics manufacturers are planning the release of their 3D television lines. As the technology ages, expect prices to go lower and lower, and as they prices drop, more and more people will purchase 3D television sets.

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Communication Excellence Course

IntroductionAll of life is Communication or Exchange of Information and all Success depends on good Communication. It takes some deliberate time and effort to improve your Communication Skills. Do not stop just because difficulty comes up. You can take breaks but do continue on until you think you are smarter, feel lighter or made new realizations that will help you to be stronger and succeed in daily life and on the job. This Course is Experiential. That means understanding it or believing in it or reading it amounts to Zero – doing it, feeling it and using it is what allows for progress.Experiential Lesson 1: People I like and dislikeUsing a separate sheet of paper, list some people you dislike, along with the traits you dislike about them. After that, check if you have any similar traits sometimes. If so, write that trait down. If not, then don’t write anything. So if for example you dislike the trait “stubborn” about someone and you find you are sometimes pretty stubborn yourself, you would have the word stubborn in both columns (“Traits I dislike” and “My similarities”). Some of the traits you dislike are projections of what you don’t like about yourself. After that write down something you respect about each of these people. Even if it’s difficult, try to find something. Radiating some respect towards all will keep your friends close and your enemies at bay. A good Communicator knows that what you radiate out into the world is what you ultimately get back. Finally, write down what your Intentions are regarding your future Communication with them. Examples for Intentions:I’d like them to listen to me more carefullyI’d like more honesty between usI’d prefer to feel neutral towards themI’d prefer a friendly relationship with themI’d like them to participate in the projectSimply define what it is you’d prefer. If you keep defining what you don’t want and don’t like, you will keep getting stuff you don’t want and don’t like. If you don’t define anything at all, what you will get will remain random. So make it an official exercise to keep stating your actual intentions regarding a thing, situation or person – at least to yourself. You might not always get what you intend, but you do increase the likelihood of it happening when your attention is focused on the preferred rather than the unwanted. So on your separate sheet of paper your table would include this:People I dislikeTheir traits I dislikeSimilar traits I haveWhat I do respect about these peopleMy intentions regarding my Communication with themAfter you are finished with that, list people you like, the traits you like about them, your similarities and finally your Intentions regarding Communications with them. Do not assume that it is always easier to Communicate with people you like – sometimes its harder because the interaction lacks neutrality or because you might be looking up to them. Both too much “looking down at” and too much “looking up at” can inhibit the free flow of Communication. So include Intentions that would improve your experience with them. On your separate sheet of paper your items would be:People I likeTraits I like about themMy similaritiesMy intentions regarding Communication with themPlease only continue with this Course after you have completed all of these points.Welcome back.What do you conclude from this first exercise? Have you experienced a change of state or attitude? Do you feel lighter? Did you have a new realization? Please write down what you feel still needs some practicing in the days to come in order to integrate this lesson into daily life.Experiential Lesson 2: Communication DisturbancesThe disturbers of good Communication flow:Environmental (such as loud music or drilling)Physiological (such as deafness or blindness)Semantic (such as a different interpretation of what a word means)Syntactical (Mistakes in Grammar, Verbs, Tenses)Organizational (poor structure of thoughts, not being clear, confusion)Cultural (coming from ignorance of others customs, values and beliefs)Psychological (unresolved emotional issues and projections coming into play)Semantic, Organizational and Psychological issues often go unnoticed and cause more Communication Problems than Environmental or Physiological issues which are easily recognized and therefore easily changed.The exercise here is to write down or discuss examples where these disturbers came into play in your own life or with people you know. The more examples you become aware of the more likely it is you notice them in daily life and can avoid them by virtue of recognition.In our live Courses we sometimes spend an entire day training semantics, communication psychology and conflict resolution. So keep in mind that there is much more to say and do on the subject and consider creating exercises yourself or looking up more information on them in the Internet.Experiential Lesson 3: AcknowledgmentPeople naturally need approval and acknowledgment. Too much acknowledgment appears strange but the most frequently made mistake is giving too little acknowledgment. It is important to acknowledge what someone said or to acknowledge that you understand what someone said. Acknowledgment is the lubricant that keeps Communication flowing. It does not always mean that you agree but it does mean that you received the message or understand what was said. People who forget to give acknowledgment are often perceived as ego-centric, needy, tense or lost in thought.Examples for Acknowledgment:A nodA paraphrase”Yes”"OK”"Alright”"I see”Exercise: In order to commit this to memory, take a day or two in which you exaggerate the giving of nods, acknowledgment, “yes” and “OKs” to everyone along your way. Acknowledgment given will improve the way others perceive you.Experiential Lesson 4: How to improve your Communication flow with someoneOne way to improve your Communication flow with someone is to find things you and the other agree upon. This will quickly increase the “vibe” you have with each other. Salespeople misuse this by pretending to be in Agreement on several issues with someone they want to sell something to. But people are smart and I recommend you find things you actually agree on with the other (if you want to improve your Communications with that person).Another way to improve your Communication flow with someone is by Appreciation. For example, you could find out things you like about the person. This will shift your attitude and behavior and ultimately increase your positive “vibe” with the other.Of course simply talking to them more often can increase your rapport with them, but it is always much easier if Appreciation and Agreement are added.If you disagree with too many people or dislike too many people you will generally feel more “low” and weak in life.The solution is to either reduce your aversion towards people you dislike or find more people you do like to hang out with. Love them or Leave them.Experiential Lesson 6: Flow of EnergyYou have the most strength, power and energy when you have attention and give attention. You are the weakest and most energy-less when you need attention and want attention. From bottom to top:NeedWantLikeHaveGiveNeeding attention, approval and interest you have the least energy and the other the most. Liking attention has a softer, more neutral energy flow to it but its still not entirely empowering. When having attention there is an energy-flow from someone else to you instead of the other way around. And when giving attention there is an energy-flow from you to the others which automatically provides you with the most energy.In order to lessen your “need” and “want” of attention I recommend giving yourself a lot of attention, approval and acceptance throughout life. You will then have more energy and have more to give.Check for yourself whether this is true or not. It can take a few months of study to “get it” and be able to apply the secrets contained within this lesson, but once you do you will never be the same person again – in a positive sense.Guided MeditationThis is a guided Meditation you best let someone else speak while you mentally and emotionally go through the process. Alternatively you can also read it to yourself.Who did you want approval from?Could you relax needing/lacking approval from that person a bit?Imagine having approval from that person.Relax.Who wanted approval from you?Could you relax resisting giving approval a bit?Imagine giving approval.Relax.Repeat dozens of times with the same person or other people, until the neediness of approval is relaxed and the resistance toward giving approval is eased.Advanced version: Apply the same Exercise with the words Control, Freedom, Unity and Security in place of Approval. Note that this exercise alone can take several months or even years before fully understood and integrated.Experiential Lesson 7: Communication is also… … Physical Expression & MovementHave you ever moved an elbow only to have them move theirs too? If when you move they move too, that is an indicator that their attention is with you. If in a group someone has their foot directed at you it is often an indicator that their attention is on you. Gestures and Facial Expressions have the power to underline and emphasize your words or to properly express agreement and disagreement.Exercise: Watch people negotiating on Video without Sound. Who is in Command? You don’t need to hear the words, its enough to see the physical behavior.Exercise: Communicate something to someone else without speaking until the other understands what you are Communicating.Exercise: Practice being in Command without talking – by mere posture and presence…. Tone of VoiceVoice Training and bringing flexibility into your tone is a vital part of being able to steer and direct meetings, conversations, presentations. In our Live Courses we do several exercises in “Voice-Coaching” in order to give the voice more power. The tone in which you say something is often also more important than the words used. “Hello”, for instance, can be said in a friendly or unfriendly tone. Tone is the carrier-wave of an intention. For more training I recommend our mp3 Download “Voice Coaching”…. PostureThere are postures which put you in Command and postures which put others in Command, depending on your Intention. You lying down on a sofa is a relaxed posture while standing erect and your legs apart and firmly rooted in the floor is a more commanding posture. Changing your posture will always change the mood and the roles of a Communication…. Vocabulary usedThere is a difference whether you say “You are stupid” or “Let me show you something more intelligent”. With the former you probably won’t reach your goal with the other person, with the latter you probably will. Lessons on the Power of Language and Reframing are taught in the next Part of the Communication Excellence Course…. Touch and ContactA handshake, a clap on the shoulders, a “coincidental” brush of the hands – all these are forms of Communication, as is lack of touch. The way you touch other objects than the person also says more about you than you may be aware of. If for example you are in a flirt-situation or on a date with someone, the way you handle her coat or his car-door may be taken as a hint on how you will handle him or her…. LookingIt makes a significant difference whether you are looking straight at your partner, into his eyes, his face, between his eyebrows, to his sides or away and elsewhere. Depending on what you intend you can change the entire flow or meaning of the Communication with your eyes only. Some people base their entire Peoples-Skills on the way they use their eyes…. ListeningPeople can actually sense whether you are listening or not. Active listening means that your attention is fully on the other without the need of speaking yourself or needing anything yourself. Active listening also means that you are thinking about what is being said. Passive listening is hearing the sounds but not really processing all that is said. With people we have an aversion towards we listen passively, with people we like we or that have something interesting to say, we listen actively. For a good Communication Flow I recommend you seek to understand before you wish to be understood…. Distance and OrientationThe distance you are standing from someone, from where you are communicating with someone, from which angle or location also have some influence on whether Communication succeeds or not. These parameters can also be changed depending upon what you wish to achieve. For example if you want more authority over a group, never sit with them in a circle but instead with you in the front and perhaps even up higher or behind a podium. If on the other hand you wish to be friends with a group, sit in a circle with them. Or if you wish to close an important deal it is preferable to do so in person than wanting to do it by email…. What you don’t sayCommunication is not only what you say but also what you don’t say, withhold or fail to say. If for example you wish to retain energy and power, speak less, chatter less, justify less, react less. If you do not want a situation to get out of hand, save your disagreement for a later time when you are in a better state. Such small feats of self-control can go a long way in succeeding in various venues. On the other hand failing to communicate when it is necessary is not only an advantage it can also be a problem. Your motto should be “When uncertain, in doubt or in trouble, Communicate!”Half of all corporate problems are due to a lack of Communication and Clarity…. Social SensitivityThis means to be respectful of other peoples limits and reality-frames. Peace and Harmony is just as much an asset as Truth and Frankness. Sometimes it is wiser to withhold comment for the sake of peace than to create turbulence where none is necessary. Many people are not mature enough to accept truth at all times and in all situations. Social Sensitivity is also about the Timing in which certain truths are shared. It is not necessary to “talk turkey about the struggling Business” while at a Funeral. In this case Peace and Harmony should be preferred to truth. Likewise it is not necessary to “be nice and calm” while Millions are being lost to mismanagement. In this case Truth and Frankness should be preferred to Peace and Harmony. Social Sensitivity is to behave respectful enough as to choose the right Timing and Situation for various Communications. When your employee calls off sick, don’t have an assignment be your first Communication toward him and don’t call at midnight. If you need to criticize your spouse, wait for the right moment. Don’t do it while he is hurt or helping you out.Experiential Lesson 8: RealitiesWrite down something you think is true and others also think is trueWrite down something you think is true and others think is not trueWrite down something you think is not true and others think is trueWrite down something you think is not true and others also think is not trueWhat conclusions do you draw from this?Something that is true for everyone is called facts or Absolute Truth.Something that is only true for some is called opinions or Relative Truth.Mistaking the two is the cause of many problems. In regards to facts I recommend zero tolerance toward deviations and with regards to opinions full tolerance toward deviations from your opinion. But first learn to discern the two.This completes Communication Excellence 1. If you gained benefit from this Course I would enjoy seeing you at Communication Excellence 2 which goes into depth on the principles already presented while introducing new, even more advanced concepts for the upcoming Communication Pro.Copyright 2010

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5 Essential Features That Make Real Estate Investing Profitable

Every now and then persons trying to make up their minds where to put their money ask me if real estate ventures are more or less profitable, compared to other businesses opportunities around.My response is always that apart from its potential for yielding significant profits, investing in real estate often confers long terms benefits.I discuss five such advantages below:1. You Can Refurbish (to Enhance the Value of) Real Estate
After you buy a stock, you hold it for a period of time and hopefully sell it for a profit. The success of the stock depends on company management and their corporate success, which is out of your control.Unlike other conventional investment instruments, like stocks, for instance, whose rate of returns, depend on third parties (e.g. company management), real estate investments are directly under your control.Even though you will not be able to control changes that may occur in demographic and economic aspects, or impact of nature induced changes, there are many other aspects that you can control, to boost the returns on your investment in it.Examples include aspects relating to adding repairs, or improvements/enhancements to the physical property and tenants you allow to live in it.If you do it right, the value of your investment will grow, resulting in increased wealth for you.2. Real Estate Investing, When Done Right, is Proven to be Profitable Even During a Recession (like the one we’re in right now)
It has on several occasions, been used to effect a bail out, from financial setbacks, such as those that many have experienced during the economic downturn happening in Nigeria today.A considerable number of clients have confided in me that due to the present economic situation, they are not sure of profitable channels to invest their money. Some of them are done with bonds and treasury bills, but are in dire need of a new investment.We had extensive discussions, and based on my expertise as a real estate consultant, I recommended landed property investment, as the most suitable and secure alternative channel of investment.This is because, even if all businesses crumble, land will always appreciate greatly. Then to drive my point home, I ended by sharing the following apt quote, by a former American president:”Real estate can’t be lost, nor carried away, managed with reasonable care, it’s about the safest investment in the world” – Franklin Roosevelt.Not surprisingly, the client chose to take my advice – and signed up: it was the obvious, common sense thing to do!3. Real Estate Investments Are Immune to Inflation
In other words, investing your money in ownership of viable real estate can protect you from the harsh effects that inflation usually has on other conventional investments.This is because the value of real estate generally tends to rise in positive correlation with inflationary pressures. This is why property values and rental rates go up with rising inflation.The nature of real estate, therefore affords owners the unique advantage of being able to adjust the rates they offer, to match inflation.Monthly rents for example can be raised to compensate for inflation – thus providing a cushion effect against inflation induced losses that other monetary investments suffer.4. Real Estate is Uniquely for Being Universally Acceptable as Collateral, Towards Securing Funding from Banks
Today, real estate in form of either building or lands, with proper titles (i.e. Certificate of Occupancy – aka “C of O”) is the most recognized and accepted form of collateral in Nigeria – and some other parts of the world.It has the unique feature of being able to protect the interests of both the borrower and the bank (that’s doing the lending), so that funds can be released i.e. after due verification, and terms and conditions are agreed.This is one of the key advantages a private C of O has over the global C of O, because the former (i.e. private C of O) is what will be needed by the intending borrower, in the event of any future financial dealings with bank in Nigeria.5. Real Estate Investing Allows Use of Other People’s Money
In other words, you can do it even if you do not have enough money. You just need to know how.This is possible because real estate is physical property or what is called a hard asset. That is an attribute that makes it attractive to financiers i.e. people with money to invest.This is why many times real estate products are bought with debt – unlike conventional investment products like stocks which are NOT tangible, and therefore perceived as being more risky to invest in.So real estate investment can be done using cash or mortgage financing. In the latter case, payments can be so arranged to allow payment of low initial sums, provided by you or a willing third party.Those payments will be happening on landed property which will continue increasing in value throughout the duration of such payments – and indeed beyond. That further inspires confidence in the minds of those financing the acquisition, that their investment is safe.Little wonder that real estate investing has continued to prosper for so long![A WORD OF CAUTION] The listed benefits notwithstanding, I still tell prospective investors that due diligence is a crucial requirement for succeeding.Whether you do everything yourself or use industry professionals like me, it is imperative that you exercise caution and arm yourself with relevant information and education.This is something I advice my clients to do all the time, so they can make good decisions in investing.The importance of the above cannot be overstated, especially in Lagos where quite a number of individuals, have had their fingers badly burnt, because they failed to take the needed precautions.My purpose is to help clients avoid having such horrible experiences, by bringing my years of experience in this field to bear in serving them.References/Related Article:[You can read about more advantages of real estate investing, in this excellent article I found at: ]

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How is Parkinson’s Disease Treated?

Parkinsons disease is a comparatively common condition of the nervous system which is as a result of problems with the nerve cells in the part of the brain which generates dopamine. This is a chemical substance that is needed for the smooth management of muscles and motion, so the symptoms of the disorder is a result of a reduction of that chemical. Parkinson’s disease mostly impacts individuals aged over 65, but it can and does come on at younger ages with 5-10% developing before the age of forty.

The chief clinical features of Parkinson’s disease are a tremor or shaking, that will commences in one arm or hand; there is often a muscle rigidity or stiffness along with a slowness of motion; the stance gets more stooped; additionally, there are equilibrium concerns. Parkinson’s can also cause greater pain and result in depression symptoms and create problems with memory and sleep. There isn’t any specific test for the diagnosis of Parkinson’s. The identification is usually made primarily based on the history of the symptoms, a physical along with neural evaluation. Other reasons for the signs and symptoms also need to be eliminated. There are imaging assessments, such as a CAT scan or MRI, that can be used to eliminate other issues. From time to time a dopamine transporter diagnostic might also be utilized.

The actual cause of Parkinson’s isn’t known. It does appear to have both genetic and environmental elements with it plus some specialists think that a virus may induce Parkinson’s as well. Decreased amounts of dopamine and also norepinephrine, a substance which in turn is responsible for the dopamine, have already been found in those with Parkinson’s, but it is not yet determined what is causing this. Unusual proteins which are named Lewy bodies have been located in the brains of those who have Parkinson’s; nevertheless, experts don’t know what role they may play in the development of Parkinson’s. While the specific cause just isn’t known, studies have identified risk factors that establish groups of people who are more prone to develop the condition. Men are more than one and a half times more prone to get Parkinson’s as compared to women. Caucasians are much more prone to get the condition as compared to African Americans or Asians. Those who have close members of the family who have Parkinson’s disease are more likely to develop it, implying the inherited contribution. A number of toxins could raise the potential for the problem, implying a role of the environment. People who experience difficulties with brain injuries can be more likely to go on and have Parkinson’s disease.

There is no identified remedy for Parkinson’s disease. That will not imply that the signs and symptoms can’t be handled. The main method is to use medicines to raise or replacement for the dopamine. Balanced and healthy diet together with frequent exercise is crucial. There may be changes made to the surroundings at home and work to keep the individual involved as well as active. There are also some options sometimes for brain surgical treatment which can be used to relieve some of the motor symptoms. A diverse team of different health professionals are often involved.

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Understanding the Impacts of Gout

Gout is among those historical problems because there are numerous mentions of it in historical literature, at least since ancient times. The traditional typecast of it is that it is related to the upper classes that binge in alcohol and certain foods. This image was pictured in early art work illustrating people who had gout. Gout has stopped being viewed as a problem of over consumption, because of the current research demonstrating an important genetic component to it.

Gout is a distressing inflammation related disorder which mostly impacts the joints, most commonly the great toe joint with the feet. It is because of uric acid crystals getting placed in joints in the event the bloodstream uric acid quantities are increased. The uric acid comes from the breakdown of purines which come from the consuming of foods like venison, salmon, tuna, haddock, sardines, anchovies, mussels, herring along with alcohol consumption. It is possible to understand how that old misconception was produced according to the overindulgence of the higher classes in those types of food and alcoholic beverages. The actual problem is not really the quantity of those foods which can be consumed, but the actual genetics of the biochemical pathway which usually breaks the purines in these food items down into the uric acid and how your body deals with it.

While diet is still important in the treating of gout and lowering the quantity of food which have the purines with them continues to be considered essential, however it is becoming apparent recently that this is just not sufficient by itself and just about all those who have gout probably will need pharmaceutical management. It goes without saying that drugs are likely to be needed for relief of pain throughout an acute flare up. The acute phase of gout is extremely painful. Over the long term there are two forms of drugs which you can use for gout. One kind of medicine block chemicals in the pathway which splits the purines into uric acid, which simply implies there will be much less uric acid in the blood stream that could find its way in to the joints to trigger an acute episode of gout or lead to the long-term gout. The other main kind of drug is one that can help the renal system remove much more uric acid. This would also reduce the urates in the bloodstream. Generally, only one of those drugs is all that’s needed, however occasionally both are needed to be utilized at the same time. Since these prescription medication is ordinarily pretty successful, that will not indicate that the life-style and eating habits changes may be pushed aside. Local measures, including wearing good fitting shoes if the big toe joint gets too painful is important. Also ice packs during an acute flare up will also help with the relief of pain.

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How To Approach Removing Asbestos Removal in Sydney

Planning to renovate your home built decades ago? Well, you got to be careful! There is a good chance it may have asbestos. This is a popular building material used throughout Australia before it was completely banned in 2003.

Asbestos is not generally considered hazardous. In fact, homeowners are only allowed to remove up to ten square meters of non-friable asbestos. More than that, people are advised to seek professional help, especially handling friable ones. Because of the health risks involved, DIY removal is considered illegal.

This is particularly prohibited in Sydney. Hence, the expertise of your trusted asbestos removalists is required to handle the dangerous job.

Why Removing Asbestos Can Be Dangerous?

There are many DIY ideas. Some are equally fun. Whilst, others can be hazardous, like removing asbestos by yourself.

Here are some reasons why removing asbestos without proper knowledge can be dangerous:

Exposure to diseases

Small quantities of asbestos are present in the air most of the time and are being breathed in by everyone without ill effects. But, exposure to high levels of asbestos for a long time is pretty serious. It can cause asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

Accidents and Injuries

Asbestos is used in cement sheeting, drainage and pipes, guttering, and even roofing. But, asbestos roofing can become fragile over time. Hence, you might risk breaking it apart, releasing harmful fibres into the air. Also, a single sheet of asbestos can weigh 30-50 kilograms. Such weight can cause injuries.

Wrong removal and ill-fitting equipment

You may not know the proper ways to remove asbestos, exposing you to very harmful fibres. And the recommended removal equipment is quite expensive. You don’t have to deal with it on your own.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Asbestos?

Asbestos removal can be pretty costly. It is determined by the type and size of the area, as well as the amount of debris to be removed. The safety risks of asbestos also increase the cost, especially when friable asbestos is involved. But health is wealth. It is always worth the price.

Most junk removalists in Sydney are priced from $99.99 per cubic metre, however, given the highly dangerous nature of asbestos, prices may be higher. It’s important to receive a few quotes before proceeding with an asbestos removal service.

How To Find The Right Asbestos Removal Provider?

There are a few key things you can do right now to ensure that your search for a provider is a successful one. They include:

Check Online Reviews

Does the asbestos removal service provider have an abundance of positive Google reviews? Check the history of their reviews to make sure that they are in-fact, legitimate. Businesses with legitimate reviews tend to have a stream of reviews that span across years of their lifetime; not just all within a few months.

Service Locality

Hiring a local asbestos removal business is always best. This ensures that you receive the best pricing as the business is local and nearby to your location. Typically, local businesses tend to take more pride in their workmanship as a positive reputation is key to their ongoing success.

Number of Years in Business

Given the highly dangerous nature of asbestos, it’s important to check how long the business has been in operation. A business who has over 10 years servicing the local community may provide cheaper pricing, given that they likely will have more refined practices.


Take your time while in search of a suitable asbestos removal provider. Due-dilligence is important and always shop around for the best quotes.

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A Pall Settles Over America

I see it in their eyes, downcast and wary. I see it in their steps, shuffling and tentative. When they talk, they use a word I rarely hear, depressed.

These are the producers, those who make the country work. Hourly and salaried employees and managers, who go to their jobs every day, work hard and provide for themselves and their families.

They’re the kind of people who have been with us since the country began. Back then, we called them Pilgrims, sod-busters, and settlers. Today they go by many names, Physician, Technician, Engineer, and Laborer. But for all of them, life has a rhythm, just as it did two centuries ago, that comes from our agricultural heritage.

Spring has always been the time for planting, and looking forward to the year ahead. Summertime is when they cultivate the crops. Fall is harvest time when we enjoy the fruits of our labor and thank God for blessing us. Winter is the time of austerity, the time to prune, the time to cut back.

But not this year. This year, we are still in harvest time. Yet the pruning has already begun. Major companies across this land are already cutting back, eliminating staff to reduce.

For thousands of laid-off workers, it comes at the worst possible time. Just before the holidays. A time when many who have children will have to cut back this Christmas. There will be little joy for those who lost their jobs these holidays.

If you’ve lived through a corporate “downsizing,” you know that anxiety runs high. No matter how often the boss has assured you that you will be kept on, you’re never sure about your future. Should you start looking for a new job now, or wait? Does the boss know what lies ahead, or might he be on the corporate chopping block? There is no job security once layoffs begin.

But there is much more to our collective angst this year than at any time in our memory. These corporate cutbacks are merely reflecting a more significant issue, an issue that is nationwide.

Our country is headed in the wrong direction. That is a sentiment shared by three-quarters of us. And we’ve felt that way for a couple of years. Producers know that the country should be operating better. Yes, there were all difficulties associated with the Pandemic. But those are now behind us.

Today recovery should be well underway. But it’s not. Despite all the trillions of dollars pumped into the system, our standard of living is falling. Each day inflation marches on; real income is declining. Gasoline, food, and shelter costs accelerate in real-time, but a salary rise comes annually. Corporate raises will arrive at the end of the year and likely come nowhere near the level of inflation we’ve already experienced.

Producers see all of this.

Producers also know that many, perhaps most, of our problems come from Washington. We see that a feeble old man has his bony fingers on the nation’s tiller, steering us straight for the shoals. He, and those who surround him, have a policy of austerity. In their eyes, less is better, and fewer is preferred. We should use less heat this winter, drive smaller, preferably electric vehicles, and eat vegan. And the less we consume, the better. From this perspective, we are the problem. Our destiny is to have shortages and wants. And they’ve pushed us in that direction.

However, these leaders told us last week that we could change everything. By walking into our voting booth, we could make our voices heard. We, the people, could take this country in a new direction that our leaders were indeed subject to the will of the people.

That didn’t happen. Counting votes has become a haze of computational complexity and slow-walking results. So that the incumbents in Washington get the results they want, it’s the complete inversion of the principal and values that the country’s founders intended. But there it is—today’s reality.

It’s the reason the word I hear most often from Producers today is: depression. And I’m afraid that’s where we’re headed.

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How to Choose the Right YouTube Channel Name for Your Brand

Who is your target audience?

Before you even think about branding, you need to have a clear understanding of who you wish to reach out to and what your main marketing message is going to be. If you are launching a YouTube channel for your new e-commerce business that sells jewelry, the first question you need to ask yourself is who your target audience will be. This will help you further decide how you want your channel to look and what content you want it to feature. For example, if your target audience is females aged between 25 and 40 years and you want to focus on brand engagement, you can use your YouTube channel to post behind-the-scenes videos of your product creation process. Alternatively, if you want to use your channel as a sales and marketing tool, you can create tutorial videos that showcase the various ways your products can be used and even provide suggestions on how to pair them with other accessories.

What do you want to achieve through your channel?

Now that you have identified your target audience, the next thing you need to ask yourself is what your main purpose is for having a YouTube channel in the first place. Is your channel meant to attract new customers, build brand awareness, or increase your sales? Whatever your channel’s main goal is, it is important to convey this to your audience through your channel name. For instance, if your channel is meant to increase your sales, you can use a name that suggests discounts or offers. On the other hand, if you wish to build brand awareness through your channel, you can go with a name that clearly communicates this message.

What words and phrases do you want to be associated with?

Before you even begin thinking about a YouTube channel name, you need to have a clear understanding of words and phrases that you want your channel to be associated with. For example, if you wish for your channel to be associated with creativity and originality, you can go with something along the lines of “Creative Jewelry” or “Jewelry Box”. On the other hand, if you wish to be associated with fashion and style, a good name would be “Fashion Jewels”. A good idea would be to jot down all the words and phrases that you wish your channel to be associated with, and then start brainstorming for possible channel names. This can be done by listing out all the words and phrases that are relevant to your business, crossing off the ones that don’t make sense, and then combining two or three words to create a new and memorable name.

Be Short and Catchy!

The average human attention span is now 8 seconds – that’s how long it takes for your prospective customers to decide whether or not they wish to continue reading or watching your content. This means that you have about 8 seconds to grab their attention and make a lasting impression. And since you only have a few seconds to make a good first impression, it is important to make the most of it and create a name that is short, catchy, and easy to remember. For example, the YouTube channel “Daily Jewelry” is way too long and cumbersome which makes it hard to remember and even harder to type when creating the channel URL. However, the channel name “Jewelry Box” is short, easy to remember, and will definitely make people curious enough to click on your channel. It is even better if you can use an emoji or a GIF in your channel name as they are presented more visually.

Choosing the right words for your brand name.

When choosing the right channel name, it is important to remember that the words you pick out will not only be used to create your channel name but will also be used as keywords for your YouTube SEO. This means that you have to make sure that the words you pick are relevant to your content and that they make sense when put together. For example, if you wish to create a channel that features jewelry tutorials and designs, “Jewelry Box” is a perfect name as it suggests creativity, originality, and even organization. On the other hand, if you decide to go with a name like “Daily Jewelry”, the words “daily” and “jewelry” don’t really make any sense when put together, and the name isn’t very original either.

Summing up

All in all, the name you choose for your YouTube channel is extremely important because it will be the first thing your prospective customers will see and read. Your channel name will also be used as keywords for your YouTube SEO, so it is important to make sure that it is short, catchy, and grammatically correct. While coming up with a brand name is never an easy task, there are a few things you can do to make the process a little bit easier. The best thing to do is to make a list of all the words and phrases that you wish to be associated with your channel and then start brainstorming for possible names.

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Shoe Repairs And Several Other Things When I Was 7

Shoe Repairs And Several Other Things When I Was 7
My Dad repaired most of our shoes believe it or not, I can hardly believe it myself now. With 7 pairs of shoes always needing repairs I think he was quite clever to learn how to “Keep us in shoe Leather” to coin a phrase!

He bought several different sizes of cast iron cobbler’s “lasts”. Last, the old English “Laest” meaning footprint. Lasts were holding devices shaped like a human foot. I have no idea where he would have bought the shoe leather. Only that it was a beautiful creamy, shiny colour and the smell was lovely.

But I do remember our shoes turned upside down on and fitted into these lasts, my Dad cutting the leather around the shape of the shoe, and then hammering nails, into the leather shape. Sometimes we’d feel one or 2 of those nails poking through the insides of our shoes, but our dad always fixed it.

Hiking and Swimming Galas
Dad was a very outdoorsy type, unlike my mother, who was probably too busy indoors. She also enjoyed the peace and quiet when he took us off for the day!

Anyway, he often took us hiking in the mountains where we’d have a picnic of sandwiches and flasks of tea. And more often than not we went by steam train.

We loved poking our heads out of the window until our eyes hurt like mad from a blast of soot blowing back from the engine. But sore, bloodshot eyes never dampened our enthusiasm.

Dad was an avid swimmer and water polo player, and he used to take us to swimming galas, as they were called back then. He often took part in these galas. And again we always travelled by steam train.

Rowing Over To Ireland’s Eye
That’s what we did back then, we had to go by rowboat, the only way to get to Ireland’s eye, which is 15 minutes from mainland Howth. From there we could see Malahide, Lambay Island and Howth Head of course. These days you can take a Round Trip Cruise on a small cruise ship!

But we thoroughly enjoyed rowing and once there we couldn’t wait to climb the rocks, and have a swim. We picnicked and watched the friendly seals doing their thing and showing off.

Not to mention all kinds of birdlife including the Puffin.The Martello Tower was also interesting but a bit dangerous to attempt entering. I’m getting lost in the past as I write, and have to drag myself back to the present.

Fun Outings with The camera Club
Dad was also a very keen amateur photographer, and was a member of a camera Club. There were many Sunday photography outings and along with us came other kids of the members of the club.

And we always had great fun while the adults busied themselves taking photos of everything and anything, it seemed to us. Dad was so serious about his photography that he set up a dark room where he developed and printed his photographs.

All black and white at the time. He and his camera club entered many of their favourites in exhibitions throughout Europe. I’m quite proud to say that many cups and medals were won by Dad. They have been shared amongst all his grandchildren which I find quite special.

He liked taking portraits of us kids too, mostly when we were in a state of untidiness, usually during play. Dad always preferred the natural look of messy hair and clothes in the photos of his children.

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